About the Store

The Game Keep carries just about every kind of game your heart desires, except video games, of course!

Role Playing Games

Dungeons and Dragons
Our vast selection of supplements, modules, setting packs and accessories will keep you happily exploring forever! We stock used books from previous editions, too!  There’s also a vast section full of other awesome fantasy games like Pathfinder!

A huge stock of White Wolf games await in the shadows!
Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Exalted, Scion, Aberrant and more!  Tons of out-of-print stuff is available.

Tons of Palladium and GURPS
From Rifts to Robotech, we’ve got it all! Current and back issues of Rifter available. And GURPS, of course, still offers the best in multi-genre action!

Sci-fi at its best!
Star Wars, Star Trek, Serenity, Babylon 5, Paranoia, Traveller, Tales From the Floating Vagabond and more to carry you where no mind has been before!

Weird West, wacky antics and more!
You name it, we’ve got it! Or will in a week! Special orders are no problem!

The Game Keep

Look for the big red sign!

War Games

Games Workshop
Dark Fantasy or Dark Future? You decide! Whether you want to play in the world of fantasy with dwarves and orcs  or fight in the far-flung future as Space Marine or Necron, Games Workshop has the game for you!
War Machines & Hordes
The Iron Kingdoms ring with battle. Find all of the latest models here for this popular game.
Star Fleet Battles
Take the helm of the Starship Enterprise and gun down some of those nasty Klingons in what may be the most detailed tactical starship simulation game ever!
Lead a lance of huge, nuclear powered war machines against your foes as you struggle for planetary territory, clan pride and interstellar fame! We have an absolutely huge selection of mechs! You can bet we’ve got what you’re looking for!
Huge Selection of  Unpainted Minis for Role Playing
We stock a vast selection of Reaper Miniatures, plus an assortment of other fine miniature lines.

Collectible Card Games

Magic: The Gathering
The original game of its type! Packs and decks of the most recent sets are available. Booster boxes available at a discount.
The Latest Hot CCGS
Cards are available on a first come, first serve basis only. These games are so hot it burns your fingers. Titles include: Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Versus System, Vampire and L5R cards.
The Latest in Collectible Miniature Games
Thanks to modern shipping from the orient, miniature painting is no longer a requirement to play miniature battle games. There are now games with prepainted models to suit just about any interest, from historical to fantasy. Titles include: Dungeon and Dragons, Star Wars, Axis and Allies, Mechwarrior, Hero-Clix and Horror Clix.
The Latest in Constructable Miniature Games
Another fascinating trend is games that you assemble the models yourself. These simple yet innovative games are a perfect introduction to the world of gaming. Games like Pirates of the Spanish Main have swept the country. The models are simple to assemble and fun to collect, plus the models can be used in numerous games.

Board Games

From traditional games like Go, Chess and Checkers to modern favorites such as Monopoly (available in several special editions), Backgammon and Othello, we’ve got the best! You might also want to look into some of the fabulous new German games! They’re hot!

Dice, Books, T-shirts & More

Fantasy and sci-fi novels, T-shirts, bin after bin of colorful dice, bags to put them in, painting and modeling supplies, card boxes and protectors, models, toys, nick-knacks, gizmos, and gadgets galore await your perusal!

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